You Are Not Alone.

The Bridge Foundation seeks to be an informational and supportive conduit for Young People and families in Recovery, and a support for those affected by substance use and other life challenges. The Bridge Mission is to create a Safe Haven for Young People for whom current Systems have failed. We seek to bridge the gap between a person searching for assistance (either for themselves or a loved one) and the treatment, programming and support options available to them.  More often than not, negotiating the various Recovery outlets can be time consuming and overwhelming, at a time when lives may be in danger.  We provide access to a Network of supportive resources, be it an inpatient facility, counselor, support group, supportive living environment, or event, at once.  The goal is to expedite the administrative and decision-making process for accessing much needed help by providing information, resources and referrals in a compact, expeditious, and concise manner.

The Bridge Foundation emphasizes a holistic approach to Recovery, and we support Young People in all walks of life, at any stage in their struggle to reach their full potential.  Our goal is not limited to providing treatment options for designated mental health or substance use disorders, but rather we take an individualistic approach to supporting young people in pursuing their passions, goals and a healthy lifestyle in a peer-driven and holistically-oriented Community environment, whatever that may be. We understand that Recovery may take many forms, and we seek to provide a Bridge — access to whatever is needed to assist a young person in pursuing their passions and reaching their highest potential. Positive Community Support is at the core of healing, and The Bridge actively encourages and supports the development of thriving, healthy Community for Young People in Recovery.

The Bridge Foundation has a singular goal: enhancing the quantity and quality of support available to young people seeking and experiencing long-term recovery from addiction and other life challenges. We envision a day when public and private systems and Programs have been implemented at the local, state, and federal levels to help individuals and families get the help they need to recover, including access to effective care including treatment and peer and other recovery support services. The Individual, Societal and Financial Consequences of Adolescent and Young Adult Alcohol or Drug Use and Substance Use Disorders is staggering. The Bridge Foundation facilitates community organizational collaboration and supports Programming for Advancing Quality Interventions for Adolescents and Young Adults Who Use, Abuse or are Dependent upon Alcohol and Other Drugs.

The Bridge Foundation also provides direct Financial Assistance for young people and students seeking supportive services and treatment. We are the only Public nonprofit in the country currently offering direct financial assistance for Recovery Support and services exclusively and directly to young people and their families.  Our primary goal is to help ensure that young people receive the best support available, regardless of ability to pay, and that young people and families have the Freedom to choose their own Pathway to Recovery, rather than have it directed primarily by financial considerations. We provide Financial Assistance for Early Intervention Services (before an individual meets reimbursable diagnostic criteria), Treatment, Recovery Housing, Workshops, Therapy, Coaching, Recovery-Based Education, Holistic Wellness, Transportation and Co-Pays.  We help to break down whatever financial or informational barriers may exist to receiving the best Recovery Support and Holistic Wellness options available, offering the Individual Positive Choices and a Safe Bridge on the long term Journey of Recovery.

Our Mission is to be there as a resource, Advocate and a helping hand to young people and their families facing substance use issues and other life challenges, and to provide support and collaborative solutions for those in Recovery.

We assist individuals and family Members in connecting with local area housing, treatment and support providers, community programs and events. We provide consultations and collaborative meetings, as well as referrals and direction by phone.

The Bridge Foundation
a nonprofit corporation
dedicated to Freedom and Positive Choices for our Children

You Are Not Alone.
The Bridge Foundation now has a Toll Free number.
(844)4-THEBRIDGE or (844) 484-3274 (Toll-Free)
for Recovery Support Information and Resources for Young People and Parents in Greater Philadelphia, as well as Scholarship opportunities for Recovery Support for Young People healing from Substance Use or Mental Health issues.
The BRIDGE LINE is manned by PA Certified Recovery Specialists.


(844) 484-3274 (Toll-Free)

Office: 267.908.KIDS (5437)  Fax: (800) 818-6303 (Toll-Free)



Newtown Square, Pennsylvania





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We are a Proud Member of Faces and Voices of Recovery Association of Recovery Community Organizations.


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